Our Declaration

Checks and balances are essential for a Turkey where we live freely with our differences, our rights are secured, justice is equal to everyone, and government is accountable to us!
Laws should take demand and necessities of people as the basis.
Legislative, executive and judiciary should be separated from one another and be independent.
None of legislative, executive and judiciary should be stronger than the others.
People and NGOs should effectively participate in decision-making processes and call the government to account.
Political parties should be democratic internally and encourage people to be involved in politics.
There should be an election system that secures representation.
We want universal rights and freedoms to be secured with a strong checks and balances system.
When there is a strong checks and balances system,
We will live in a pluralistic Turkey where social justice is established, the government is accountable, and rights and freedoms are secured,
We will have a parliament that checks conformity of practices of the executive with human rights,
We will have an independent and impartial judiciary that prevents practices and decisions of the parliament and the executive from going against universal rights and freedoms,
We will live in a fairer Turkey with an independent and impartial judiciary,
As citizens and NGOs, we will be able to participate effectively in decision-making processes and ask the executive to account,
We will freely voice different opinions through democratic political parties and ensure that decisions are made in a participatory way,
Thanks to an election system that ensures representation, our laws will serve us all, not just a specific group of people.

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