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Reform Groups

Reform Groups

Reform Groups (RGs) are the foremost forces of the CBN. They work on seven priority reform fields of the network, namely Constitution, Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, Media, Local Administrations and Civil Society. Members can take part in RGs to their own will.

Civil Society Reform Group


Şahin Tekgündüz | İstanbul Hepimizin Girişimi

Zeynep Duygu Ulusoy | Sıfır Ayrımcılık Derneği

Civil society is the most important tool by which citizens gather around common goals and participate in administration more actively. Civil Society Reform Group carries out monitoring work and shares reform proposals with the public in order to contribute to creation of a civil society environment in which capable of monitoring the administration easily, and the requests of citizens represented are turned into policies, and works in a participatory, transparent and accountable way as far as its internal dynamics are concerned.

Media Reform Group

Citizens cannot assess how and to whose profit authorities and resources are used without having correct information. Therefore, being informed through the media and conveying thoughts and opinions through the press are an indispensable tool for citizens to supervise and have a word to the administration. Media Reform Group works to secure an independent and impartial media environment capable of reaching any information freely, free from any pressure or censorship, and aware of its responsibility towards society. It draws attention to necessary reforms in this direction.

Local Administration Reform Group


Zübeyde Ozanözü | Anadolu Kadın Eğitim, Kültür, Sanat ve Dayanışma Derneği Kerem Ateş | Tüketici Sorunları Derneği

Local administrations enable citizens to negotiate their requests with local decision-makers, be involved more actively in administration more actively to have a word in laws and policies. Local Administrations Reform Group shares reform proposals so that local administrations can have greater authorities, be stronger but also closer to citizens and more accountable.

Judiciary Reform Group


Kadri İnce | Sosyal Farkındalık Derneği
Ceren Ünlü | İnsani Değerleri Yüceltme Derneği

An independent and impartial judiciary is indispensable for the rule of law. Judges and prosecutors should be able to fulfill their duty without any fear or reserve. Every citizen should have the right to fair trial by independent judiciary. Judiciary Reform Group monitors developments in this field, and makes reform proposals for an effective, independent and impartial judiciary.

Executive Reform Group


Lütfiye Yurdum Hasgül | Kadın İşveren ve Sanayiciler Derneği

Yıldırım Kaya | Doğal Yaşam Derneği

The executive uses the power and resources belonging to citizens in the framework of the constitution and laws to take services to them. It is responsible for treating every citizen in an equal and fair way. Executive Reform Group follows up the extent to which the administration fulfills its duty and responsibility. It makes reform proposals for an executive that is accountable, listens to citizens and civil society, treats everyone in an equal and fair way under the laws.

Legislative Reform Group


Çağlar Karakış | Barış ve Adalet İnsiyatifi

Checks and balances system is established in a constitution, and the laws to make this system operational are enacted by a parliament composed of elected representatives of citizens, in other words, by the legislative. The legislative also supervises the executive and checks whether those in power use the authority and resources entrusted by citizens in a sound way. Legislative Reform Group examines how the parliament fulfills its legislative and supervisory duties, and makes reform proposals for a more effective legislative.

Constitutional Reform Group


Muratcan Işıldak | Genç Düşünce Enstitüsü

Oya Yeğen | Köpekle Yaşam Derneği

Constitution guarantees that sovereignty belongs to citizens, powers are separated and rule of law is secured. Constitutional Reform Group monitors effectiveness of these three elements in practice and draws attention to reforms needed.



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