Where is Executive in Checks and Balances?

Executive is the power behind the wheel. It is the one which applies the rules determined by the Parliament. It serves citizens by using power and resources belonging to them. Executive mechanism is held by Ministries, President, Municipalities and Headmen’s Offices (Mukhtars).

What Kind of an Executive Mechanism Do We Want?

An Executive which Acts Equally and Fairly

Executive should act equally and fairly while passing the laws enacted by the legislative. It should comply with the rule of law in all of its actions. It should produce policies which correspond to different expectations and needs.

An Executive which Works by Knowing that It will be Accountable

Executive should work by knowing that it is under the check of the Parliament; it should act both open and transparent while spending the money from the budget. It should disseminate the information to the public about what it has been doing in a way that can be understood by everyone (government programs, memorandums or regulations, development, and budget plans, etc.). Citizens should be able to reach this information easily and freely, therefore, should be able to check to what extent executive fulfills its duties and responsibilities.

An Executive which Executes with the Citizen

Citizens should have facilities to express their ideas about policies not in four or five years during the elections but more frequently. Everybody should be able to act individually or in an organized way while using their rights. In cases where recommendations or reactions are considered, explanations should be made to citizens.

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