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Where is Constitution in Checks and Balances?

In a state of law, all kinds of power, foremost the state, are limited by law. This happens via judiciary. Judges and courts apply laws to the daily tangible situations; it separates fair and unfair, guilty and unguilty. Thus, it enables justice to be served.

What Kind of an Executive Mechanism Do We Want?

An Independent Judiciary

Judiciary should be away from every oppression and effect to work independently. The tenure of judges, which is one of the means to provide such an independency, should be protected by law. Thus, judges should be able to do their job without any kind of fear, reluctancy or oppression. Executive should not enact any bylaws which can change or affect the court decisions. Executive should have no effect on the judges’ recruitment and appointment process; their dismissal, promotion, employee personal rights or disciplinary action.

An Impartial Judiciary

Everybody is equal without any discrimination before the law and should have the right to fair hearing. Judiciary should act impartial while applying the law; it should make encouraging decisions which will acknowledge human rights.

An Executive Open to Checking

Judiciary itself should be open to the checking system of the law, those who are holding judiciary power should work by being aware of this fact.

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