Where is the Media in Checks and Balances?

The media is responsible for providing accurate information by monitoring political parties or public institutions on behalf of citizens. Without having accurate information, how power and resources are used and for whose benefit cannot be measured. Being informed through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, journalists, the internet, and other digital channels also provides an opportunity for citizens to participate and have their say in governance.

What Kind of Media Do We Want?

A Media Working Independently, Reporting Objectively

The media should have free access to all kinds of information, should feel free while working, Freedom of expression and press freedom must be guaranteed, should have regulations which prevent monopolization of the media by certain individuals and organizations. Public officials shouldn’t be able to exert any pressure or censorship on the media; Members of the media should be able to do their job without worrying about losing their work, their position, or their reputation. Media should provide information in its most accurate form, without any influence and should give all opinions a fair chance.

A Responsible Media

The media, when needed, will be the basis for citizens to hold the government to account, produce news of a quality that will enable them to make responsible decisions. The media should be sensitive to the differences of all segments of society living together; when choosing the language it will use, method or content, should consider the impact on social peace and reconciliation.

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