Where is the Civil Society in the Checks and Balances?

Being a citizen means sharing the same rights and responsibilities. When someone else freely exercises their rights, it means that our rights are also secure. On the other hand, to speak up for our own rights is the same as to act for someone else. The Civil society organizes with this consciousness. Citizens united around common goals, invest time and energy in finding solutions not only for themselves but also for others. When citizens participate in governance through civil society, they have a stronger voice and become more dominant and influential.

What Kind of Civil Society Do We Want?

A Civil Society That Knows and Can Express

Freedom of thought and expression should be guaranteed. The public should have no difficulty to access and understand official information.

A Civil Society that Monitors and Participates

Civil society organizations should be able to easily monitor how the administration is working at the center and at the local level, they should be able to transform the demands of the masses they represent into policy proposals and convey them to the authorities. There should be different ways for this that everyone can use without difficulty

A Civil Society that Works as it Demands

Civil society must work in a participatory, transparent, and accountable manner, just as it demands from the executive.

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